Well this private hobby site could be offline for a while.

Apparently it is such a high value target that it drew the attention of the "New World Hacking Groups"  from whom we received the following email on 12/09/16


We are,  New World Hacking Groups
We'll begin massive DDoS attack Today, you have 5 hours after reading your posts!!!
1 - We'll execute some targeted attacks and check your DDoS servers by the 500 Gbps attack power
2 - We can do multi-vector attacks Layer 3-7 TCP, UDP, SYN; NTP, DNS, SSDP - Amplification
3 - You do not help us antiddos, because we know your real IP address and it will always be able to find out
4 - Do not have time to change the hosting
5 - You can get away from the attack, if you pay 1.5 bitcoin to bitcoin ADDRESS:  1CB7Q8Mb77qSbkXnjynqGTjUTdFzFuV2EJ
6 - If you do not pay before the attack 1.5 bitcoin, the price will increase to 15 bitcoins
7 - Attacks every day will cost you 15 bitcoins
8 - We will continue to attack for a long time, as long as you do not pay!!!
9 - If you do not pay, we will destroy your business
                                                 Transfer 1.5 bitcoin to ADDRESS: 1CB7Q8Mb77qSbkXnjynqGTjUTdFzFuV2EJ
How to pay bitcoin? Google for the additional information!


DDOS away kids, while you waste time on this site, somebody else isn't getting it.